The grant for this project allows us to organize and host a series of workshops over the course of two years. This page features information about who presented and what was discussed in each workshop. Click on the links below to learn more about each talk. If you have further questions or an interest in holding similar workshops, please reach out to Susan B. Ridgely or Michael Wagner.


The Cult Narrative & the Branch Davidians

The Cult Narrative and the Branch Davidians
Catherine Wessinger

28423849_1957068407654496_2349388527923738226_o Religious Freedom and Minorities: The Consequences of Media Focus
William Noseworthy

Religion's Role in Fake News

Religion’s Role in Fake News
Professor Susan B. Ridgely


Building Relationships with Journalists
Dr. Kathleen Culver


Why Should a Journalist Call a Religious Studies Scholar?
Dr. Jordan Rosenblum


How to Write and Publish an Op-Ed About Your Research
Professor Michael Wagner