Want to know more about scholars and their relationships with journalism? By interviewing scholars about the importance of journalism, we hope to encourage journalists to approach them. Scholars understand the importance of journalism and the difficulties journalists face in finding sources and writing stories quickly. Most of them are happy to be interviewed or write their own pieces because they want to contribute to an understanding of the issues they are passionate about. In the future, we hope to interview more scholars, journalists, and religious leaders about the importance of accurate reporting on religious issues.


Anne Hansen is a professor of History and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in UW-Madison’s History Department. I sat down with her on October 19th, 2017, to discuss the importance journalism, her areas of interest, and how reporting on religious issues can be improved.

Professor Hansen’s research interests are in the history of Buddhist ethical ideas, modern religious reform, and social justice movements in Southeast Asia, Cold War Buddhism, colonial Buddhism, and religion and visual culture. She regularly teaches courses on Buddhism, Asian religions, transnational religion, Southeast Asian colonialisms and modernities, and theory and method in the study of religion.


Professor Ulrich Rosenhagen focuses on religion in modern Europe and the United States and inter-religious dialogue. He pitched the proposal for the Center for Religion and Global Citizenry, meant to replace the former Lubar Institute, and launched the center last Fall. We sat down to discuss the new center, Professor Rosenhagen’s academic work, and the coverage of religion in journalism.