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Michael Wagner, Associate Professor

School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Project Leader




Professor Wagner is an associate professor and Louis A. Maier Faculty Development Fellow in the University of Wisconsin Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. His research, teaching, and service are animated by the question, “how well does democracy work?” Wagner approaches this question from a variety of perspectives, incorporating into his work the study of political communication, political parties, journalism, public opinion, political psychology, political behavior, religion and politics, the presidency, and biology.

Susan B. Ridgely, Associate Professor

Religious Studies
Project Leader




Professor Ridgely is an associate professor in the Religious Studies program at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Her research is motivated by her desire to explore religion through the eyes and experiences of children, with the goal of helping students and scholars find ways to engage in research with children rather than on children. Ridgely teaches courses on sects and cults, children and religion, Catholicism, African American religions, and religion and politics. She has published books about Focus on the Family, her methodology for the study of children in religions, and children’s interpretation of the first communion.

Pawan Akash Naidu, Graduate Student
School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Katherine O’Brien, Undergraduate Student
International Studies